Integrity, our System for Certified FAA part 23 Aircraft

Integrity Logic Module

The RiteAngle INTEGRITY (RA-5a) is a completely redesigned system for “automated machine PCB assembly and the added electrical differences required by the FAA for certification under the ASTM.  The pilot will like the easy set-up procedures. The RiteAngle INTEGRITY system’s printed circuit board and components are automatically assembled in Vancouver, Washington by an electrical design and manufacturing firm. I personally test every system we ship to insure your system operates as ordered.

With the RiteAngle INTEGRITY system you have the advantage of having a system which with minor changes for use on certified aircraft, has been proven by hundreds of hours flying in homebuilt  aircraft since 2002.  Join the hundreds of other RiteAngle AOA system users who have a product we have produced.

This system includes Automatic Flap Correction for flap position.

The RiteAngle RA-5 INTEGRITY meets the requirements per FAA MEMO AIR100-14-110-PM01 and ASTM F3011-13 for installing in FAA part 23 Aircraft.

Complete Integrity System

Included with system are the following documents / examples of documents:

1          Shipping list of parts included

2          Installing & Set-up instructions

3          User’s  Manual

4          ICA (Instructions for continued airworthiness)

5              Sample of AFM / POH changes

For additional information view “Concept of RiteAngle AOA System” and “Advantages of the RiteAngle AOA System”

If you have further questions please e-mail from our contact page and mention your specific concerns.