Basic + System

RiteAngle Basic + System

The RiteAngle BASIC + is the result of customer requests for an inexpensive, very small, yet high quality AOA system for aircraft without flaps.  In 2009 we re-designed our first system with updated components, new set-up procedure (the best part), and a smaller display which colors follow the FAA recommendations.

The RiteAngle BASIC + AOA system is just that, a BASIC + system with no frills, no dimmer, or audio warning.  However the accuracy of the RiteAngle BASIC + system is the same as all of our products, using the same BASIC + core electronic parts it is accurate within one degree (if you can find air that smooth)

All EM Aviation AOA systems follow the standard FAA recommended colors in the display.  The RiteAngle BASIC + uses only five (5) LED’S:

Green indicates a SAFE AOA

Amber indicates Caution, approaching excessive AOA


The RiteAngle BASIC + is a modern up to date system that accurately determines your aircraft’s Angle of Attack using a vane designed by a senior aerodynamics  engineer at Douglas Aircraft who said the vane  was free from flutter and as stable as any tested in wind tunnels at low & high speeds up to M.7.  This is converted into a LED readout.

We introduced the LED display in 1995, and it is so successful a large number of instruments are now using them due to their long life and reliability.

RED LED indicates DANGER within 5 knots critical AOA

Amber LED indicates CAUTION SLOW or below Vref   (1.3Vs  recommended minimum speed on approach)

Three Green LED’s indicate Vref or approach speed

Two Green LED’s indicate 5 knots over Vref

Bottom Green LED is 10 Kts over Vref or 1.3 X Stall speed

If set-up correctly, The RiteAngle AOA will be correct regardless of bank Angle, density altitude, load factor or many of the other variables where the airspeed may be incorrect.

The BASIC + will run many hours on 8 AA batteries if no electrical system.

See detailed section on set-up.

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