Typical Vane Mounts for Majority of Aircraft

Standard Underwing Mount
Vane is normally mounted on Inspection access cover

Jury Strut Mount
KitFox,PA-18 & Similar Aircraft

Pusher Aircraft and Jet-Type Aircraft
Velocity, Cozy and EZE  and similar aircraft

Advantages of all RiteAngle AOA Systems

  • All RiteAngle systems we produce are “Stand Alone Systems”
  • For a Safe Angle, fly the RiteAngle for the correct angle!
  • Two systems for aircraft with flaps, one Certified A/C, one for Experimental
  • All systems accurate, within less than 1/3 degree, 100% repeatability
  • All RiteAngle systems require 12-24 Vdc, A/C power or separate batteries
  • All RiteAngle systems use a vane which flies in the relative wind.
  • Vane updates more than five times a second for accuracy & stability
  • Only maneuvers you did before solo used to set up any RiteAngle system!
  • You electronically set the RiteAngle in flight for your individual aircraft
  • Our vane mounts will accommodate nearly any type aircraft.
  • Our systems use FAA Part 23 recommended warning colors
  • The Elite+ and Integrity automatically correct for up to five (5) flap positions
  • Systems are flying on Ultralights, single seat jets, to 16,000 # workhorses
  • Loss of Pitot or Static system will not affect the RiteAngle
  • Loss of any “Glass cockpit” component will not affect the RiteAngle system
  • No little holes to plug with wax or bugs
  • AOA’s have been our only business since 1995.
  • The RiteAngle was designed and is manufactured in WA state
  • Loss of airspeed indicator ~~ You have a back-up
  • Economical system for aircraft without flaps for the Experimental aircraft
  • EM Aviation is personally owned and operated and proud of it.